Some great news

My Name is Heather, as you have just said and I have been taking Juice plus for almost a month now. Umm…I was introduced to it by Sue (my up-line in Juice Plus, Jeremy) and er I liked the sound of it and I liked the sound of getting all the benefits of all those vitamins and minerals from the combination of fruits and vegetables and berries in a very simple little capsule form. Which means that if you do have some days where you don’t eat enough fruit and veg, you know you got all the goodness that you should be having in your body.

So, it is very easy to do, just take it with some water in the morning or in the evening whenever; you can take it any time of day that you want. Which is handy depend what you do in your life. And I am finding that so far, I am sleeping better, I think it has helped my skin, already within a month, and my partner started taking only a matter of two weeks ago. he is sleeping much better, he feels, much much better in himself. He has noticed a radical difference in how he feels. He is a person who doesn’t eat enough fruit and vegetables in his diet. So is I think feeling a much more dramatic effect, from all the benefits of the capsules.